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A Birthday Tradition

Every year my mom, Gloria Skurzynski, sends me a birthday card, as I'm sure most other moms do for their daughters. But these are no ordinary cards. Oh no! They are lovingly crafted in Photoshop, each card has a theme: and the pictures are selected to match. She does this for every member of our family- my four other sisters, her grandchildren...

This year, the theme was "A Walk Down Memory Lane" and featured pictures of me on trips for the books we wrote together- our National Parks Mystery Series.

As each year passes, I am more and more convinced that the most important thing we have in life is family and the love that binds us all. Family can be the people you are born with, or the ones you chose to walk through life with- but in the end- how we treat each other matters. How we show love matters, and the sweetest gifts are the ones we carry in our hearts.

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