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From Fallow Fields

Hello to my wonderful friends!

Soooooo….a big question I bet some of you have been wondering about is Where have I been for so long?  First, the good news: I am definitely not dead!  The reality is I took a few years off to help build my husband’s company called LED Technologies. I was hired as a Content Creator, which was a challenging change for a fiction writer, but I truly loved what he and his team were creating and it was a different way to use my skills.  Still, the voices in my head kept whispering (I’m not crazy, just a writer) endless plot points for a trilogy I’d been dreaming of for years, which I have named DRAGONFLY EYES.  When my husband Ron sold his company I was freed to pursue what I knew was my true passion, creating worlds on the page.  I’ve been hard at work on Book One of DRAGONFLY EYES and can see the end in sight!  This, among all my novels, has been my favorite writing so far.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me during my creative writing desert.  My journey reminds me of farmers who let their soil lie fallow so that nutrients can return to the earth until they can plant once more.  My writing has sprouted pages, more chapters, and a book is nearly ready for harvest.  Onward!

As this process of editing and completing/submitting the first draft of DRAGONFLY EYES wraps up, I want to bring you along for the ride. It is my plan to update this blog weekly and share glimpses into my life- what does it mean to have this THIRTY-FOURTH? (I've lost count- how do you count anthologies?) book published. What does it mean to have my works OPTIONED for movies and television? Where do I find the inspiration (forensic, paranormal-

world building or otherwise), and how do I tackle edits and revision? (Again I say "REVISE, REVISE, REVISE!")

Truth be told: I am so new to social media- I am learning ALL of this as I go! The publishing world has changed drastically (boy that's a subject for another blog post) so I am building my blog and instagram following from the ground up and would LOVE to hear about YOU!

-Where are you from? Are you a writer? A teacher? Have you read any of my books? Perhaps I have met you when I came to speak at your school or a writing conference. What topics would you like to hear about on this blog? We are starting from scratch so NOW IS THE TIME to pick my brain!

Until next week,


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