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What's Been Happening?

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Hello world! It seems as though I have been away from you for forever and a day, and yet I have been here: hunkered down in my favorite corner of my office, knee-deep in piles and piles of papers, and surrounded with swirling sketches of plot twists, family trees, and paranormal happenings.

You see, DRAGONFLY EYES is being crafted! YES! My paranormal trilogy is SO CLOSE to being finished I can taste it. I know you have been waiting, it has been a long time since we left Cameryn Mahoney and my Forensic Series... but oh dear friend, what literary treasures do I have in store for those who wait just a little bit longer!

I have been holed away so long because I needed this time and space to create a whole new world, to embark on a kind of storytelling I have only ever dreamed of. "Death changes everything," and I can't wait for you to read how.

Talk to you soon,


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